Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Freebie: Enchanted for Littlest Witch

I have a new freebie to share today. I'll get a permanent web page set up for it in a few days. I wanted to get it packed and available so nothing happens to in the meantime. This is a Poser shader material set that I used in several of my personal 2011 Halloween renders. To use this set, you'll need ART-Collab's Littlest Witch for Candy and Candy (The Gumdrop Base Figure). You will also need Poser 5 or later. These materials will NOT work in Daz|Studio.

In the archive, you'll get material settings for: The Littlest Witch dress, gloves, socks, shoes, and hat. I've saved the materials as MAT-Poses for easier use. Please note: there are no .jpg files for bump maps, displacement maps, or textures. These are strictly Poser procedural shaders. Click on the preview for full-size.

When rendering, please remember that Poser shaders are sensitive to lighting. The results you'll get depend on your light settings in each scene. The images for the promo were rendered in Poser 7 with the LW_Light1 set that comes with ART-Collab's Littlest Witch. There is more information in the "readme" file enclosed in the shader archive.

If you would like to download "Enchanted" for Littlest Witch, click here.


Friday, October 21, 2011

New Freebie: Zombie Fae PNGs

"Who said dead girls can't like candy and pink? There's more to unlife than brains."

Brand new for you: 4 cute zombie-faerie .PNG images. With a plastic star wand in one hand, and nice big lollipop in the other, this dead girl is ready to rock your creations. Click on the preview to enlarge it.

The idea for a cute "Gummy" zombie dressed sort of hap-hazardly as a faerie came to me a while back. Then life kind of got derailed, but I did get back to it. And,yes, the "costume" does sort of look cobbled together and hap-hazard because it is. LOL I didn't want it to look TOO perfect. A zombie is dead, after all. Zo-Fae, as I've kind of dubbed this creation, has made a couple of appearances in pictures for Halloween. And, I made the few stand-alone images that are included in this zip to share.

I do realize the delivery of these is a bit late--pushing the boundaries of usability for this year--and I'm sorry. If you would like the set, please click here to download it.

Anyhow... Enjoy... Have lots of pink zombie-faerie fun. :) May you, and all of yours, have a happy safe, Halloween. :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Limited Freebie: Simply Halloween for DeeDee's Spring Fling


I had all kinds of ideas to get out there as freebies for Halloween this year. However, in typical fashion, my life fell apart and we had several family situations to deal with, including the passing of loved one. :( It truly is getting to be the story of my life... :(

I do have, however, one limited-time freebie I'm going to offer here. It's a very simple texture set for DeeDee's Summer Breeze - Spring Fling dress for the original Millennium Girls from Daz. I started the set with the intention of going back and making it a little fancier, but I'm simply not going to have time because I'm probably the world's slowest texturer, if not the world's worst... :(

A preview. Please click on it to see the full-size image.

If you'd like to download this pack, please click here. I'll only be leaving it up for a few weeks. ;)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Blog Images Fixed & Finally Joined DA...


Wow, why is it life always gets really insane when you're in no mood for it. I want so badly to be creating new stuff in Poser and PSP and that blasted thing called "real life" has to go get in the way... *sigh*

Anyhow... The images for this blog are fixed, thanks to my benefactor, Salashin. There was a behind the scenes issue that's fixed now. I just happened to come by and notice the images weren't working. :(

Can you believe I finally took the plunge and joined Deviant Art after all these years of resisting...? Well, what can I say...? I really needed another subscription like I need a whole in the head... But maybe I'll find something inspiring there. I know I occasionally see tutorials and stuff there that look interesting.... Time will tell, I feel like a total newbie and idiot over there right now...

Some time in the next week or so, I hope to make an entry in the "My Favorite Poser Purchases series that I started. I also have another series of posts in mind. So keep checking back...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Freebies: Coloring Pages

I recently put together a small booklet of printable coloring pages for an online friend's grandchild. I found the process of making the gift quite interesting. So, I made a few couple more coloring books to share with the public. Right now there are two titles to choose from, each with four easy-to-color pages.

A cute robot in a bear suit:

Robot Bear

And a cute kitty in overalls:

Country Kitty

Click here to go to the coloring pages download section of my corner of web space.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

New @ KCTC Freebies: Beary Sweet .PNGs

The KCTC Freebies weekly update is up. If you wander over there, you will find some great things, as usual. My own modest contribution to this week's update is a set "beary sweet" images (see page 7 of the tubes section).

Beary Sweet .PNGs

If you like these images and download them, consider leaving a note in the comments. Knowing what people like might influence the kind of freebies I offer in the future. :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Freebies: Cookie "Gaia" Fantasy Elf - .PNGs

A new pack of eight free Cookie .pngs for everyone today. I think these turned out pretty darn cute. All despite the fact that Poser crashed on me before I saved the main shader that I made for the clothing the first time around, too. I had to start over. And guess what? These aren't purple! They're a pretty combination of blue and green. Am I allowed to say that I really like how my blue-green shader turned out...? LOL

Credit Card Emotions

Obviously, all the images are not shown in the preview. Click here to download the set.

If you like my freebies, please consider leaving feedback in the comments. Feedback may effect the kinds of freebies that I offer in the future.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Freebies @ KCTC Happy Flower .PNGs

The KCTC Freebies weekly update is out. If you wander over there, you will find some great things, as usual. My own modest contribution to this week's update is a set of "happy" flower images (see page 7 of the tubes section).

Happy Flower .PNGs

If you like these images and download them, consider leaving a note in the comments. Knowing what people like might influence the kind of freebies I offer in the future. :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Freebie: Credit Card Emotions (.pngs)

If you're a digital artist, you're probably going to understand this set. Since getting into graphic arts as a hobby, I'm forever paying off "splurges" both of the little and big varieties. Ok... Admittedly, usually the latter of the two... *blushes*

Credit Card Emotions

Eight .png images are included in the pack. Click here to download the set.

If you like these images and download them, consider leaving a note in the comments. Knowing what people like might influence the kind of freebies I offer in the future. :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mister Mel - New Freebie @ KCTC Freebies

If you pop over to page 6 of the Poses section of KCTC Freebies, you'll find my latest creation.

Mister Mel is a face preset for Gosha and Fisket.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Favorite Poser Purchases 1: Melody

I feel like I've been on a real bender of bitc... er... complaining about my Poser content lately (my apologies to the friends that have put up with it). I've hit a streak of buying lemons again, what can say...?! However, I really think I need to start balancing things back out. So, to lighten back up (and keep myself awake: insomnia sucks), I'm going to start a series of entries about my favorite Poser purchases. Who cares? I don't know...? Maybe someone will. Or maybe someone will discover something new that they love. So it's all good" (as the kiddies say), right? Oh, sure, some people may claim that my doing so will be unfair to some merchants/stores/whatever... But... Well, I don't care, to be honest...

Alright... So let's go. This first entry will start out as a bit of a downer as I explain my complicated relationship with a certain figure. Hang in there, however, it will get positive.

Who do you love? Not A3...

Those of you that "know" me a little bit from Poserverse may know that I had a love-hate relationship with Aiko 3 (A3) from pretty much the start of my Poser adventures in late 2005. I loved a lot of her clothing, but I just didn't like her. I found it difficult to give her anything resembling an expression (except that famous blank, vapid look). I especially couldn't stand the way her teeth and mouth looked when trying to give her an expression. I tried and tried to like her, but just couldn't really establish a good "working relationship" with her. I even started a thread about it here where I appealed to her fans for help. Even though I bought some amazing morphs, textures, and so on, for her, I could never claim to be an A3 fan. Working with her caused me too much stress to enjoy the process. However, I still had this addictive habit of buying her clothing.

Flash Forward - Destination: Summer-Autumn 2007

I believe it was in late summer/early autumn of 2007 that RDNA , Littlefox, and Redspark showed the world first sneek peeks of Melody & Micah for Aiko and Hiro 3. I remember being amazed and incredibly excited. I thought they were wonderfully beautiful and couldn't wait to get my hands on them. Especially Melody. I snatched them up as soon as I could and it was... l-o-v-e. I not only had a beautiful figure to work with, but Melody also could wear almost of all the beautiful Aiko 3 clothing that was in the marketplaces (quite a bit of which I had collected even though I had a less than stellar track record with A3). That's how Melody, along with her Furries morphs and white tiger texture, became the digital me that you see on this blog and my corner of web space, as well as in my galleries. :) Just between you and me, I actually do more Melody renders that I actually post publicly. LOL

Ah, history...

You know, what they say about history is true. It can come back to haunt. A long-forgotten post here on a long-dead thread recently got a response here. My reply is just below her's here. Thankfully, all that A3 animosity is history, thanks to Littlefox, Capsces, and Melody. Now I no longer feel so ashamed about my A3 clothes buying fetish... Because, hey, my favorite feline female has to have something new to wear every now and then. :) Sadly, though, A3 content is starting to dry up and blow away (mostly thanks to Rendo's ridiculous clearance policy (but that's a blog post for another day). I'm just happy to catch what I can, when I can. :)

Long live Melody and Micah. :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two New .PNG Image Sets

I have two new sets of CU OK Cookie .PNGs today.

Cookie Rock Star: Starlicious in Purple

A set of six .PNGs inspired by my piece of gallery art, "Starlicious in Purple."

Cookie Rock Star: Starlicioius in Purple

Warning: Some people may find the finger gesture in image six (6) offensive. If you're easily offended, do not open it. To download the set of .pngs, click here.

Cookie Purple Party Dress (in Pigtails)

Six more .PNG images. This time with nothing that should be objectionable to anyone.

Cookie Dress Purple Party Dress

To download the set of .pngs, click here.

If you like and download these sets, please consider leaving a comment. Knowing what people like may influence my future freebies. Also, if you use my freebies, I'd really love to see how you've used them. :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Freebies - Mo & Drake: Old Hat .PNGS

I have a new pack of .PNG images up at KCTC Freebies this week. See Page 6 of the Tubes section for Mo & Drake: Old Hat.

If you like these images and download them, consider leaving a note in the comments. Knowing what people like might influence the kind of freebies I offer in the future. You never know. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Update: New Freebie - Tile Pack - Re-Download

If you downloaded my new file pack at KCTC Freebies, please check the file name. The file name should be ts_textures0311.rar. If it is not, you need to re-download. Thanks.

My thanks to France for correcting the mixup with super-human speed. ;) Thank you, my friend. ;-)

New Freebie - Tile Pack

I have a new pack of tiles up at KCTC Freebies this week.

Don't forget KCTC now has an official blog now, so it's easier for everyone to keep up! :) There's lots of goodies--both 2D and 3D at KCTC Freebies. Many thanks to France for all her hard work on the site. And kudos to France and Lassie for the lovely new blog that they created for KCTC followers--well done.

My poor old PC is a little more well-behaved now that it has a new battery. So hopefully I'll have more time to create stuff to share now. I hope to make more freebies (both 2D and 3D) to share at KCTC Freebies, my corner of web space (Tiggersprings' Place), and a few here at my blog, too! So stay tuned! :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

1 New Freebie + Holiday 2010 Freebies Re-Posted

New Freebie: Temperance for Miki 2 & Miki Finn

I made a face preset for Miki 2 and Miki Finn that I think turned out pretty cute. I decided to share it.

Click here to be taken to the download page.

Returning Freebies: 2010 Holiday Freebies Re-post

I decided to re-post my 2010 holiday freebies just in case they're still useful to anyone.

From FaerieWylde's Halloween Celebration:

Tian for A3
Alien for Chip & Chip Dough
Roti for Hiro 3
Robin for Sadie & Mae
Melissa for V3, her basic head morphs, & International Beauties morphs
Economic Blues Witch for Aiko 3 Freebies (see readme for list of freebies)

From FaerieWylde's Winter Solstice Celebration:

Melvin for M3, his Daz Morphs, and Predatron's Character Heads Bundle
Beryl for Koshini 2 & Puppet 2

From my blog:

Valentine Diner Cameras

And last, but not least, Lassie & Friends' 2010 Holiday Celebration:

Prudence for The Girl & Boopsie
Color & Create: Holiday Skunk PNG images
Color & Create: Naughty Elf PNG images

To time and space, I put all the holiday stuff on page. Visit it here

Returning Freebies: Alva for Mavka & Minwee

Previously shared at The Daz commons, Alva for Mavka finally got a page here

If you have any problems downloading...

This was a big update for one morning. If you have any problems downloading, let me know in the comments.

Have a great week.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NEW KCTC Freebies Blog

Calling all toon fans! KCTC freebies now has a blog. Whether you're into 2D or 3D (or both), there's probably a little something there for you. Click here to visit the new KCTC Freebies Blog.