Saturday, October 15, 2011

Limited Freebie: Simply Halloween for DeeDee's Spring Fling


I had all kinds of ideas to get out there as freebies for Halloween this year. However, in typical fashion, my life fell apart and we had several family situations to deal with, including the passing of loved one. :( It truly is getting to be the story of my life... :(

I do have, however, one limited-time freebie I'm going to offer here. It's a very simple texture set for DeeDee's Summer Breeze - Spring Fling dress for the original Millennium Girls from Daz. I started the set with the intention of going back and making it a little fancier, but I'm simply not going to have time because I'm probably the world's slowest texturer, if not the world's worst... :(

A preview. Please click on it to see the full-size image.

If you'd like to download this pack, please click here. I'll only be leaving it up for a few weeks. ;)

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