Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Returned Freebies + Sale

Good day.

two of my products, Lil Bit Love and Undoubtedly Toony, are in a vendor group sale through the 24th here.

Also, I've updated and returned three formerly available freebies to my Renderosity Free Stuff here. Laci for Sadie & Mae, Beryl for Koshini 2 and Puppet 2, and Mischief for Millennium Baby 3 and Chublies are back with new readmes. I am trying to get things that are still potentially useful to people back up. Eventually, I'd like to return all of them, even the "orphan" stuff where things are no longer available.. But for now, I'm working on chipping away at the ones where the required items are still around.

Have a great week.