Friday, June 27, 2014

More Renderosity Coupons

Good day!

Renderosity has released three coupons that are good through the 30th. It looks like they're trying to make it so customers with varying budgets can take advantage of them and shop. ;)

My store on sale through the first week of July, so you may be able to stack your own savings a bit with one of those coupons.

Have a nice holiday week if you're in the US. Everyone else, have a happy and safe week, too. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sale + Renderosity Coupon

Good day!

I've set my store on sale through the first week of July, even though I know everyone may be a bit sale-weary again. With the holiday weekend coming up here in the US, I thought it might be nice. :) The prices as low as I'm allowed to set them (30% off or $5 --whichever comes first). As a Poser user with a restricted budget, know how frustrating it can be to try to fit all the wishlisted bits and pieces in, even when there are extraordinary sales discounts. It never fails that things I am interested in as a customer go one sale at the end of the month when I'm broke, and the prices usually don't stretch into the next month. So, I thought I'd do a sale at the end, but stretches through a bit generously into the month again.

There is a Renderosity Coupon that expires tonight that may save you a little extra. I'm not sure when it was sent out, but it didn't even hit my e-mail inbox until sometime yesterday, after I Logged off for the afternoon. So I just saw it. I've been trying to list coupons for shoppers, like myself, who are a budget. ;) Every now and then, one does sneak by, but the Newsletter Archive for Renderosity can be helpful, when I remember to check it every day.

For those in the US, have a happy happy, safe holiday week. For the rest of the world, have a great weekend.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Distressed Lines Intro Ending + Rendo Coupon

Good day.

The intro sale on Distressed Lines ABR & PNG ends on Sunday.

There's also a coupon for all Renderosity shoppers that expires on Monday.

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

New Product Release - Distressed Lines

Good day!

My newest product, Distressed Lines ABR & PNG was approved overnight. It's a set of 25 distressed lines in, with various degrees of warping and pixelization, .ABR and .PNG format. The product sample is currently pending approval at Renderosity Free Stuff. If you're interested, click the image below to download the sample now. This way, customers can check compatibility with applications of their choice before purchase.

Thank you. Have a great weekend.