Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Favorite Poser Purchases 1: Melody

I feel like I've been on a real bender of bitc... er... complaining about my Poser content lately (my apologies to the friends that have put up with it). I've hit a streak of buying lemons again, what can say...?! However, I really think I need to start balancing things back out. So, to lighten back up (and keep myself awake: insomnia sucks), I'm going to start a series of entries about my favorite Poser purchases. Who cares? I don't know...? Maybe someone will. Or maybe someone will discover something new that they love. So it's all good" (as the kiddies say), right? Oh, sure, some people may claim that my doing so will be unfair to some merchants/stores/whatever... But... Well, I don't care, to be honest...

Alright... So let's go. This first entry will start out as a bit of a downer as I explain my complicated relationship with a certain figure. Hang in there, however, it will get positive.

Who do you love? Not A3...

Those of you that "know" me a little bit from Poserverse may know that I had a love-hate relationship with Aiko 3 (A3) from pretty much the start of my Poser adventures in late 2005. I loved a lot of her clothing, but I just didn't like her. I found it difficult to give her anything resembling an expression (except that famous blank, vapid look). I especially couldn't stand the way her teeth and mouth looked when trying to give her an expression. I tried and tried to like her, but just couldn't really establish a good "working relationship" with her. I even started a thread about it here where I appealed to her fans for help. Even though I bought some amazing morphs, textures, and so on, for her, I could never claim to be an A3 fan. Working with her caused me too much stress to enjoy the process. However, I still had this addictive habit of buying her clothing.

Flash Forward - Destination: Summer-Autumn 2007

I believe it was in late summer/early autumn of 2007 that RDNA , Littlefox, and Redspark showed the world first sneek peeks of Melody & Micah for Aiko and Hiro 3. I remember being amazed and incredibly excited. I thought they were wonderfully beautiful and couldn't wait to get my hands on them. Especially Melody. I snatched them up as soon as I could and it was... l-o-v-e. I not only had a beautiful figure to work with, but Melody also could wear almost of all the beautiful Aiko 3 clothing that was in the marketplaces (quite a bit of which I had collected even though I had a less than stellar track record with A3). That's how Melody, along with her Furries morphs and white tiger texture, became the digital me that you see on this blog and my corner of web space, as well as in my galleries. :) Just between you and me, I actually do more Melody renders that I actually post publicly. LOL

Ah, history...

You know, what they say about history is true. It can come back to haunt. A long-forgotten post here on a long-dead thread recently got a response here. My reply is just below her's here. Thankfully, all that A3 animosity is history, thanks to Littlefox, Capsces, and Melody. Now I no longer feel so ashamed about my A3 clothes buying fetish... Because, hey, my favorite feline female has to have something new to wear every now and then. :) Sadly, though, A3 content is starting to dry up and blow away (mostly thanks to Rendo's ridiculous clearance policy (but that's a blog post for another day). I'm just happy to catch what I can, when I can. :)

Long live Melody and Micah. :)


  1. My favorite purchase of all times is Jam Hair. I love that hairstyle and I've used it on all the figures I rendered since I bought it. ;o)

  2. Jam hair is so cute. I actually decided I wanted it because of all your renders. :)