Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sale + Coupon + Freebies

Hi, there.

I put the expression packs in my store on sale in honor of Father's Day. To get the best savings, there is a relatively rare bigger Father's Day coupon that is good on sale items (provided vendors haven't opted-out of coupons) at Renderosity here. I set my sale prices as low as I'm able (25% off or $5, whichever comes first) and I have not opted-out of coupons, so add some toony fun to your runtime. :)

I also re-posted my free poses for the Toon Tiger, Toon Panda, and Toon Wolf that used to be sold at RDNA (and are now at Daz) to Renderosity Free Stuff here. There is also a brand new face preset for Chip & Chip Dough there, as well.

Have a great day!