Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Release: Steam Baked Delivery Service Uniforms

I'm pleased to announce that my latest commercial release has arrived at Renderosity. Steam Baked Delivery Service Uniforms is a texture pack for Kiki Steampunk Fairy that includes lots of extras. Click on the thumbnail below.

Welcome to the colorful side of toon steampunk. Step through the door connecting the mundane, human world and a whimsical, magical world. One where cute little fairies dressed in handmade uniforms deliver your weekly homemade baked goods order. And, perhaps, they'll even fight a little crime along the way.

This set contains eight full texture sets for Steampunk Fairy by 3DTubeMagic.There were the first six colors that fit my primary theme: blue, green, orange, pink, purple, and yellow. And there are two alternate color sets included, as well (see editorial tab). It also includes a few extras:

* 1 light
* 2 hair fits (for Prissy Hair here at Renderosity and Steampunk Aviator from Daz)
* 16 Poser Shaders for Prissy Hair's ties
* 12 textures for EyesBlueDesign's FREE nails
* 12 Poser shaders for Steampunk Aviator's helmet (no hair textures are included).
And, if that's not enough toon steampunk goodness, you get even more "Steam Baked" cuteness: The following items are also included:

8 material sets for Poser World's* Delivery bike, plus one matching shader for the frame material that should work on almost anything

8 material sets for Natalia3D's free KCTC Country Village Plane. This makes everything but the propeller parts invisible. Using these, you can "BASH" propeller parts together with the Poser World bike (or similar prop or figure).

* Poser World is a subscription site. You must have a subscription to obtain their delivery bike.

All these "extras" are shown in the last two light box promos (at Rendrosity). Be sure to take a look. ;)

Optional "Required" Products:

The second hair fit for Kiki uses B25 Steam Punk Aviator V4 (sold at Daz3D)

The nails free nails for Kiki by EyesBlueDesign are here:
The nail textures also work with "We Got Nails by the same vendor

The free plane is located at:

To get the Poser World Delivery Bike, you must have a paid subscription to Poser World

Please note: This product contains quite a few Poser shader only portions. These areas include: the goggle lenses and the wings studs. There are no texture maps for these areas. So this product is not suitable for Daz Studio users. Other areas rely on Poser's glossy node for the shiny stylization.