Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kit Love! And Halloween Freebies

Anybody else out there love LLF's Kit figure for Poser? She's one of my favorite figures, but she's a vastly under-loved by vendors and freebie-makers alike. I have two new freebies available for Kit at KCTC Freebies.

First, on Poses page 6, is Kelsey. A boyish face preset for Kit and Capsces' Pee Pot morphs.

Check out page 20 in the textures section for my "Autumn Mix" set for Trumarcar's wonderful free baby clothes for Kit.

The set ontains mix-n-match textures for Trumarcar's Kit outfits. You'll need
Baby Clothes 1 and 3, and the Baseball Add-on (see Clothes, page 3).

There is one texture each for:

Set 1 Blouse
Set 1 Dress
Set 1 Pants
Set 1 Shoes

Set 3 Hat
Set 3 Romper
Set 3 Shirt
Set 3 Socks

Set 3 Baseball Add-on Cap
Set 3 Baseball Add-on Sneaks

And, if you're in the mood for some Halloween freebies, I have some up in FaerieWylde's Halloween event. See Mada's Daz Freepozitory post about the event here.