Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Freebies: Cookie "Gaia" Fantasy Elf - .PNGs

A new pack of eight free Cookie .pngs for everyone today. I think these turned out pretty darn cute. All despite the fact that Poser crashed on me before I saved the main shader that I made for the clothing the first time around, too. I had to start over. And guess what? These aren't purple! They're a pretty combination of blue and green. Am I allowed to say that I really like how my blue-green shader turned out...? LOL

Credit Card Emotions

Obviously, all the images are not shown in the preview. Click here to download the set.

If you like my freebies, please consider leaving feedback in the comments. Feedback may effect the kinds of freebies that I offer in the future.


  1. Thanks Tigger. Don't hold your breath for comments though. It is the same on KCTC Blog: I think people are afraid to leave comments. loll

  2. You're welcome, my friend. :)

    LOL I think so too. Probably doesn't help much that I only have eight followers, either. But at least I have a few. :)

  3. I don't think it has anything to do with that. We now have 32 followers on KCTC Blog and the only persons who comment are KCTC members. Maybe the rest of the world simply don't like our freebies? ;o))

  4. Who knows... Maybe people are just shy? LOL