Monday, June 4, 2012

My Favorite Poser Purchases: Rufus

I promised I'd get back to creating things and blogging and my personal life really went to pieces. Typical.  LOL  Things aren't back to "normal" yet, they won't be for a long, long time, I fear... But... Life has to move on... I thought I'd pull myself up by the boot straps and continue the "My Favorite Poser Purchases" series.  Originally, this was something I intended to post last autumn, but Daz put the hooks in ArtZone, where most of my pics were posted.  I've moved quite a bit of my old stuff at DeviantArt and that's where I'm posting most of my new stuff. So this blog series is finally going to get back under way.  

Another one of my favorite purchases is Rufus.  Rufus was the first in Littlefox's Plushies line. In my opinion, he's the best plushie. :)  He's a sly little devil and often winds up in pictures I had no intention of including him in. He just sneaks into frame somehow, I swear, whether it's test renders, promo renders, or final renders... He winds up in there... LOL  Here are few examples from my galleries as evidence:

Sir Rufus
Plushies at the Piano
An Apple Amongst the Sunflowers
Girls' Day Out: Nature Walk
Song & Dance Rufus
Drama in the Park
Ready for a Story
Mavka's Rest
Rufus' Shower
Musical Play
Even Teenage Faeries Have Bad Days
Happy New Year 2011

Rufus and I just can't help it.  It's a Poserverse love affair that's meant to be, I suppose.  :)   I enjoy spending time with the mischievous little guy and he's definitely been a good Poser investment.

Until next time, be well. ;)

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