Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Freebies: Mavka Hippy & Shy Pinup


Two .PNG image packs today...

First up: Mavka Hippy (15 images)

Mavka's feeling a bit groovy in this pack of retro-themed images. She comes in five poses and three outfit color combinations. I made the outfit textures myself quite a long time ago... Maybe I shouldn't admit that... I don't know... LOL

Mavka HippyClick here to download the zip file.

Next... Mavka Shy Pinup (4 images)

Mavka's back and feeling a bit shy about posing for a pinup pic. These started off as a regular portrait render that I was going to do for my gallery. Alas, the image never quite made it there, due to lack of overall inspiration. You get one pose, with four different nighty colors. Yes, I made the nighty textures. Almost a year ago, in fact... LOL

Mavka Shy PinupClick here to download the zip file.

That's all for now.


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