Tuesday, March 9, 2010

LLF's Panda Poses & Expressions & Nina Expressions

Two new freebies today...

I just uploaded a set of poses and expressions for Littlefox's Toon Panda. To use them, you'll either need Fortune Cookie or the stand-alone Toon Panda. Click image for uncompressed preview.

Stuffed Panda

I also created a set of expressions for The3DZone's new figure Nina. Click preview for uncompressed view.

Nina Expressions

There is also a set of three very simple poses on the Nina expressions page. They were a last minute addition. They're too simple and insignificant to warrant repackaging the expressions or adding an additional page for them. They'll probably work on Nana with a bit of tweaking since Nina and Nana have the same body.

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