Friday, January 6, 2017

Lil Bit Love + Coupon

Hi, everyone.

Happy 2017. I hope it's treating everyone better than 2016 treated many of us.

First of all, I put Lil Bit Love in Prime Flash through Sunday. Members of Renderosity Prime can grab the pack for $3.50. I know it's not quite 50% off, but that's as low as I'm allowed to go for the discount. Since my expression packs are pretty low-priced any way, it's a good bargain.

Secondly, there is a weekend coupon for Renderosity here. Unless the vendor has opted-out of coupons, the one should be good on items that are on sale. I have not opted-out of the use of coupons on my store. I did not set a store sale for the weekend. Vendors have very little notice on when coupons are coming out--and if they'll be usable on sale items. Since so many of the newer coupons are not usable on sale items, I didn't set up a sale at the beginning of the month (so that people could shop with coupons if they choose). It's a delicate balance and I'm sorry it's a bit confusing at times for customers.

Now that I'm back online a bit more, I'd like to start doing more on the blogs and with 3D again... I really have no idea where to start, because my time can be limited. And my schedule tends to change on short notice.

Stay safe. Stay warm. Happy rendering.

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