Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New, Free Plushies' Halloween .PNGs + Oldies Recap

Good day!

A pack of four new, free Halloween images for you.

Plushies' Halloween 2013Click here to download the zip file.

Also new for 2013, is this NearMe Halloween 2013 set.

I do have some older seasonal images that may be of interest to some.

Emoti-Clock Fall Back
Zombie Fae
Itsy Bitsy Witch

Over at ReadingDragon & Friends' Blog: Please be careful, some stuff has different terms than mine. Read each readme.

Gumdrops: Hunters vs. Slayers
Lil' Pumpkin: Set 1
Cookie: Scarecrow
Lil Pumpkin Set 2
Gumdrops: Pumpkin Boy
RCL Witch in Shades
Warrior Spirit
Super Kiki
Mo: Incognito
Lovely Lycan
Lil Jolly Roger


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