Thursday, October 10, 2013

Freebie: Kiki Tuned In Fits Now Available, Art, & More

Good day!

The Kiki fits for Tuned In weren't ready for yesterday's KCTC update. They're available now from Rendersotiy

The Pranx fits for Tuned In are available at KCTC Freebies

I used both fits in a picture you can see here or here.

I added a new picture to the gallery tab of Steam Baked Delivery Service Uniforms back on the third. It's family-friendly.

On Tuesday, I added a picture to the gallery tab of Offbeat Eclectic. While not a nude, some discretion is advised. There's a fair bit of cleavage and leg.

The lovely and talented mininessie added a lovely new picture to the gallery tab of Offbeat Eclectic, as well. Thank you, my dear friend, it's wonderful. :)

And... Finally... My Renderosity store ends tonight and there is a coupon for all members here that also expires tonight.

Have a great day. It's Thursday, almost the weekend, so hang in there!

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