Friday, April 3, 2015

50% off Storewide - 3rd-5th + Store News + Freebie


My entire store is on sale for 50% off today through the 5th. If you've had your eye on anything in stock, now's a great time to shop.

Two of my older products, Ben 2 & Kate 2 Revitalized and Designer Helper, were discontinued from the store over night. They had been in clearance too long and cycled out. Since I don't operate any other stores, they're gone for good.

I have a small freebie to share. It's a hair fit pack for Kiki for four hair products. The fits were saved back in the autumn, so I'm not out of hair-fitting retirement. Please read my Hair Fit Disclaimer before buying the hair products. You'll find the links to the hair products--and notes--in the readme. Click on the thumbnail below to download.

For a bigger image with more details, click here. Approval of the freebie pack is still "pending" the admins' approval at Renderosity, so I thought I'd post it here on my blog for early-birds.

Have a happy, safe weekend.

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