Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Freebie: Aiko 3 Fits for Cutie Pie & Tuned In

Good day, again!

Sorry for the two-fer posing, but I've got another freebie for you. It was pending over at Renderosity as an alternate download source, and I figured it would be approved while I was sleeping.

Anyway... Aiko 3 Fits for Cutie Pie Cap and Tuned In. Someone made a request for them a while back, but I don't remember who it was... Sorry, but life has been a bit chaotic. Click on the picture to download.

You can also download the hair fits at Renderosity Free Stuff

This will be the very final set of new publicly shared hair fits by me for Poserverse-at-large. You have some anonymous nitwit that's been sending me badly-written, insulting messages to thank for my retirement. I used to be terrible at doing hair fits, but after France (my friend and kCTC's founder) passed away, I practiced and tried to get better. I thought maybe I could "step up" a bit and try to do something she used to do for Poserverse-at-large; I know I always appreciated her hair fits However, since someone anonymous somebody thinks I'm terrible at it (but hasn't even said what hair and fits they're having trouble with)... Well, I'm done... I can handle creative criticism, when it's delivered with respect and some degree of kindness, but I did not "sign up" for really nasty, anonymous abuse. I don't have to make hair fits and I don't have to share them with everyone if I do. I'm sorry to hurt any innocent by-standers that enjoyed the fits, but there's just a limit to my tolerance to being called names and being treated badly for trying to help others.

Have a great day.

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