Friday, May 30, 2014

Sale + Renderosity Coupon

Good day!

I've set most of my store on sale through the first week of June, even though I know everyone may be a bit sale-weary. The prices as low as I'm allowed to set them (30% off or $5 --whichever comes first). As a Poser user with a restricted budget, know how frustrating it can be to try to fit all the wishlisted bits and pieces in, even when there are extraordinary sales discounts. It never fails that things I am interested in as a customer go one sale at the end of the month when I'm broke, and the prices usually don't stretch into the next month. So, I thought I'd do a sale at the end, but stretches through a bit generously into the month.

There is a coupon here for Renderosity members, as well. The coupon expires on June 2nd (11:59 PM CDT, Rendeosity Server Time).

Have a great weekend.

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