Friday, May 25, 2012

New Freebies: Alien Family and Minwee Swimming in Pink


I have two new packs of fairly simple PNG images to share today. 

First up: Alien Family (1 image)

This first one is a family scene of Ralph, Rita, and Ralphling.  Poser users sometimes get caught up in the "S/He who dies with the most toys wins," mindset. Sometimes, I'll personally buy something and not get to using it for months. Or use it for a while and just forget about it sitting, collecting virtual dust in all my gigantic runtimes.  I thought it would be fun to go back and revisit some older figures.  Quite a few of the older figures I have aren't around any more.  Ralphling comes with some versions of Poser, but now that The3DZone's site store isn't around, I don't think Ralph and Rita are available.

Alien Family AlphaClick here to download the zip file.

Next... Minwee: Swimming in Pink (30 images)

Yep, you read that right... 30 images.  These images started out as one of those, "Oh, wouldn't it be cute...?" ideas and quickly went down hill.  The original idea was to put Mavka (Minwee) in a her ruffled bathing suit (by Karanta) and make some retro-looking pics.  I made some texture for it forever ago (though I don't think I ever publicly shared them with many people).  So, in the pack, there's three poses of Mavka wearing five different bathing suit designs. In half of those, she's wearing heart-shaped sunglasses (borrowed from Rosy Cheeks Lina).  Ugh... By the time I was done packing these up yesterday, I hated them.  Something went haywire and I renamed all the images some how (I hate Windows 7). Then, I hated how my presenter turned out.  After talking to a couple of the KCTCers, I've decided to make them available as-is.  They are what they are... Now I remember why I don't do large sets of any sort very often. The larger the pack, the bigger the nightmare of doing promos becomes...

Minwee: Swimming in PinkClick here to download the zip file.

I'm going to be busy for the next couple of weeks, so these will probably be my last freebies for a while. Did I hear a sigh of relief from the peanut gallery?


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