Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Good Causes: ART-Collaborations' Firesale

I won't be doing much of this type of thing within my blog pages... However, there are exceptions to every rule.

Sad news from ART-Collaborations--one of my favorite vendor teams. Ann's parents lost their pets and most of their possessions to a house fire. Ann is wonderful lady and is always doing generous, sweet things through out Poserverse. You can read more about her parents' situation here. All proceeds from the ART-Collaborations site store's sales will be going to her parents. You can also make donations here. Some artists around Poserverse are rallying around Ann and her family and contributing items or proceeds towards relief, as well. There is a thread at Daz3d's forum with details here.

If you're a digital artist that uses Daz|Studio or Poser, you have several other options to help.

Diamonds & Pearls, donated by JasmineSkunk, is an add-on for Star Struck Twinkle (with a few bonuses that match BeMine). The pack is free-for-all members of the ART-Collaborations' store, but donations are very much appreciated. Thank you, JasmineSkunk, for paying forward some cosmic kindness helping Ann's family! :)

Lassie24 from Cute N Toonz has stepped up with two other fantastic options. Proceeds from the sale of Spring Time for Cookie's Goth Gown and Cook Tunic for Cookie's Tunic Dress will be donated to the donation fund for Ann's parents. Thank you, lassie24, for paying forward cosmic kindness and helping out, as well. :)

For the 2D graphic enthusiasts out there, Kriss is donating the proceeds from the sale Sharing Love 1 and Sharing Love 2 to the donation fund. Thank you, Krissy, for paying it forward and helping out! :)

As for myself, I've donated a couple of things. Since, however, I've never ventured into the commercial marketplace and don't have a store, I'm leaving their distribution up to Ann. I'm not quire sure how that's going to be handled yet. There are two 3D-related packs that I've donated. The other is a 2D pack of .PNG images. Stay tuned find out more. You might also want to watch the Daz3D forum thread here.

Thanks for reading. :)

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