Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vendors, please clean up after yourselves!

Wow... I'm usually pretty good about installing Poser products after purchasing (it's usually getting around to using them in a scene that takes me forever). Lately, I've been in a mood and they sort of stacked up on me. I've been working on installing stuff the last few evenings. I really have to say, after sitting here spending so long checking and installing purchases... I'm annoyed at some of my favorite vendors. Not because of anything wrong with the products, because I haven't tested them yet... But because of how some of them are packaged. There were a lot of those Thumb.db files in the installers and a few Paint Shop Pro Browser files. Now having to clean up after people when downloading quality freebies is one thing. Hey, they're free, so if I have to delete a few trash files, I'm not going to bitch too much... However, having to delete other peoples' garbage out of installers that I've paid for... that's another thing entirely. I shouldn't have to pay to delete other peoples' junk files. Basically, I ain't your mama and I don't want to chase after you with a virtual broom, especially if I've paid good money to use your product(s). Period. In my opinion, the Poser store fronts should make vendors delete these--and other--junk files out of final their product installers. The customer should never have to clean up after a merchant or a store front. In fact, it's very easy to disable the creation of these particular files all together if said vendors and marketplaces don't want to take the responsibility to delete files from individual product packages.

Disable and Prevent Thumbnail Caching (Thumb.db)

Disable Paint Shop Pro Browser Files

Clean installers would make me a happier customer and I'd be more likely to be a repeat customer. Being a happier customer means I might actually get around to using those shiny, newly-installed products (i.e.to show them off) sooner too. :)

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